About us

Our main activity is to design and supply solutions for industrial and civil wastewater, as well as drinkable/primary water treatment plants and purification systems.
We have particular know-how in the treatment of wastewater in all industrial sectors, both food (dairies, bakeries, slaughterhouses, meat processing, wine producing and distilleries) and non-food industries (aeronautical, mechanical, textile/dyes, chemical, pharmaceutical and paper mills).
In the area of drinkable/primary water, we supply solutions for the removal of metals as iron, manganese and arsenic, non metallic compounds as nitrate, nitrite and ammonia, organic pollutants as pesticides and solvents, besides softening, disinfection and demineralization systems.
Each of our projects is developed and executed with the greatest care and attention in every step, so to give always the best quality and to guarantee the requested targets.

Besides solutions and “key in hands” installations, we supply specific equipment, instruments and machines for any particular application, such as: 
  • automatic and manual penstocks for water flow management 

  • self cleaning grids, sieves, drum filters, screw filters with or without compactors 

  • sand, oil and grease separators 

  • sewage/drainage pumps and complete pumping stations 

  • dissolved air flotation units (up to 90% removal of suspended solids, oil and fats, up to 30% removal of BOD5 and COD) 

  • dosing pumps for chemicals, pH/redox controller systems and full assembled dosing stations 

  • aeration systems with micro bubble diffusers and coarse bubble diffusers 

  • blowers for air supply and vacuum applications 

  • horizontal mixers for denitrification and homogenisation tanks 

  • airlifts for sludge circulation and foam/scum removal 

  • lamella pack for sedimentation tanks and complete sedimentation units provided with lamella pack 

  • sludge dehydration systems as chamber filter press, belt filter press and centrifuges 

  • micro/ultra/nanofiltration and reverse osmosis units, water softeners for drinkable water and industrial application, UV disinfection systems 

  • filter nozzles, made of both plastic materials or stainless steel AISI 316, for any water filtration and for any filtration media (quartzite, activated carbon, resins, etc.)

 We established important partnerships with leading European manufacturers of equipment for water and wastewater treatment plants, so to offer always the best solutions to any specific request or target. 
Always and in any case we consider ourselves at the service of the Customer for any requirement, explanation or information about any problem concerning water and wastewater treatment. 

Since 2013 ENVOTECH LTD is certified according to the management system EN ISO 9001:2008 for the following scope:
 "Planning and supplying plants and machinery for water treatment, for both domestic and industrial uses,
including one-block units" 

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