Lamellar sedimentation units and Lamella packs

Lamella clarifiers - Lamella separators - Lamella packs for installation in concrete or steel tanks.

Lamellar settling tanks (lamella separators or plate thickeners) are used for separation of settleable particles contained in water.

In general, particles larger than approximately 50 μm (with a higher density than liquid) can be separated by precipitation. Particles of smaller size can be separated by means of koagulnti to be added and mixed in a reaction tank (flocculator) equipped with a mixer, which will ensure mixing of the coagulant with water.

The plate packs are made of modules of polystyrene having a shape that increases the specific surface area of the precipitator.

The plate pack can be produced in shape, size and slope according to the specific customer needs. 

The structure of the package is self-supporting. To facilitate the procedure for mounting and dismounting plate pack is placed in a metal frame made of stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 316L or galvanized profile.


  • primary and secondary sedimentation in water treatment systems and wastewater treatment plants

  • clarification of process / process water

  • precipitation in the purification of drinking water

  • chemical industry

  • food industry and other

Main advantages:

  • greater efficiency of purification processes 

  • optimization of treatment plants

  • reducing the volume of the equipment

  • resistance to many chemical and biological agents

  • reduces construction work

  • high mechanical resistance

  • low operation cost and maintenance



Lamella Clarifier in a steel tank


Envotech LTD manufacture lamella clarifiers on your specific requirement.
Lamella clarifier unit options:

  • floccculation tank / activation chamber equiped with mixer, clarifier feeding pump
  • claryfier tank body made of stainless steel AISI304 or epoxy coated carbon steel 
  • lamella pack in rigit polystyrene 


Contact us about custom water clarification unit.





 Ламелни пакети - Ламелни блокове
Lamella packs ready for installation.
  Ламелен утаетелEnvotech LTD Lamella clarifier, Sedimentation unit in stainless steel tank.

Lamella pack in concrete tank Lamela pack installation in a concrete tank.  

Lamella packs installation in a concrete sedimentation tank. Envotech performed reconstruction, design of the settler and installation of lamellar cubes (lamella packs) for final sedimentation of wastewater from chemical production.


Lamella clarifier Lamellar cube clarifier Lamellar settler - Envotech Ltd


Envotech LTD performed reconstruction of an old lamellar sedimentation unit made of reinforced concrete. We redesigned the settler and installed new lamella cubes (lamella packs) for sedimentation of treated technological wastewater containing lime milk.

Download this file (Lamella sedimentation units-OB-LPSU_V2018.pdf)Lamella sedimentation units - Technical data[Languages: BG/EN]1112 kB
Download this file (Lamella_packs.pdf)Lamella packs - Technical data[Language: EN]423 kB
Download this file (Lamella_packs_cube_lsm60_EN.pdf) Lamella packs - cube Technical data[Language: EN]975 kB

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