Oil and grit separator

oil-separator1Oils and greases are present in most industrial effluents. Their removal is necessary prior to discharge due to the negative aesthetic effects that they produce when discharged to a body of surface water and due to the damage caused to flora and fauna. Furthermore, their removal is also necessary as a pre-treatment prior to any other treatment phase, in that they create problems for the development of the biological treatment processes. In the
case of service stations, vehicle washes and parking areas, the oils and greases are essentially mineral type and non-biodegradable, including in the long-term. Consequently, the discharge of these substances into the sewerage system has an even greater negative effect, not only due to the risk causing blockages in the sewerage system but also because they cannot be degraded at all during the subsequent treatment process.
In order to remove these types of pollutants, use is made of oil separators which, depending on the treatment system adopted, are divided into two classes: Gravity separation and Coalescing filter separation.


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