Granular medium pressure filters

Granular Media Filtration is the process for the removal of turbidity and suspended solids by the passage of water through a porous medium.

The filtration process results in a gradual accumulation of retained solids within the granular media, which require intermittent removal by a filter backwash cycle.

This cycle typically comprises both air and water wash phases, to effectively loosen and flush out the retained solids to waste.

Pressure Filtration System


Filters are classified according to the types of media used as:


  • single-media filters, when there is only one type of filtration media, as sand or activated carbon

  • dual-media filters, when there are two types of filtration media, as sand and activated carbon, or sand and manganese dioxide

  • multi-media filters, when there are three or more types of media


The choice of the filtering media depending on the applications and target of the filtration process.


Envotech filters
GMF class offer excellent performances due to the precise design, the quality of the materials and the components, the careful construction and the severe tests performed on each unit.


Envotech Ltd installation team. Delivery and installation of pressure filters for iron and manganese removal.

Main applications of our pressure filters GMF are:

  • filtration of well water

  • filtration of surface water (river or lake) with or without in line flocculation

  • iron and manganese oxidation and removal, organic pollutant removal

Main operating data are:

  • pressure 2 – 5 bar

  • testing pressure 5 – 7.5 bar

  • backwash pressure 1.5 bar

  • working temperature 3 – 40 °C

  • head loss 0.7 – 1.2 bar





Model Dimensions Operational parameters
Diameter, mm Square section, m2 Q, m3/h at v=15 m/h Q, m3/h at v=20 m/h Q, m3/h at v=25 m/h
GMF/0500 500 0,20 2,94 3,93 4,91
GMF/0750 750 0,44 6,62 8,83 11,04
GMF/1000 1000 0,79 11,78 15,70 19,63
GMF/1500 1500 1,77 26,49 35,33 44,16
GMF/1800 1800 2,54 38,15 50,87 63,59
GMF/2000 2000 3,14 47,10 62,80 78,50
GMF/2200 2200 3,80 56,99 75,99 94,99

All Envotech units are supplied ready to be installed, and on request installed, started and tested by our technicians.

All units are supplied with CE certifications, complete technical passport including all details of design, manufacturing and testing and with use and maintenance handbook.


On request, we can build filters of any other dimension with the same quality and care. 
ENVOTECH Ltd. has the right to make changes at any time, even without notice, in order to achieve better performances and quality of its products.

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