Filter presses for sludge treatment

Press-filter is one of the most commonly used and performing device for sludge dewatering.

Plate press-filters are widely used in the treatment of industrial sludge, and the best effect is obtained by dehydration of sludge when it is of mineral origin. After treatment, the pressed sludge has high dry matter content and significantly reduced volume, depending on the content of the sludge itself.

The filter cloths are made of cotton or polypropylene depending on the chemical characteristics.

Main advantages of the filter are:

  • High content of dry matter

  • Low operating costs

  • Recovery of valuable components

  • Easy of operation 

  • Long operationg life

 Filter presses are applied in: 

  • Dewatering of sludge from industrial and household character - WWTP

  • Treatment of pigments and dyestuffs

  • Dehydration of hazardous waste

  • Reduction of solid wastes

  • Fine filtration

  • Processing of the pharmaceutical and chemical products

  • Filtration of industrial products 

  • Extraction of precious metals in the mining industry

  • Food industry - wine, alcohol production, dehydration of products and raw materials


Envotech Ltd. offers spare filter cloths made of cotton or polypropylene.


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Камерна филтър-пресаSupply and installation of Envotech Ltd, part of full turn key supply for industrial wwtp for sulfate removal. 

Камерна филтър преса - обезводняване на утайкиSupply and installation of chamber filter press,  part of complex supply of technological equipment of WWTP for slaughterhouse, meat processing factory and tannery.

Филтър преса

Envotech Ltd. performed delivery and installation of a chamber filter press, part of the overall delivery, installation and commissioning of technological equipment for wastewater treatment for reuse in the production of an enterprise for latex products. 

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