Water purification and water softening




Soft 03

Water softening is necessary whenever calcium and magnesium must be removed from water in order to prevent incrustation and/or to avoid their interference in industrial processes.

The softening process, performed by ionic exchange selective resins, replaces calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions.


Once the selective resins capacity is exhausted, it will be necessary to regenerate them with a sodium chloride saturated solution, so to expel the retained calcium and magnesium and start again the process.

All softeners are made by:


  • a vessel containing the ionic resins (metal, PVC or polypropylene reinforced with glass fibres)

  • a head with the automatic valves for the resins regeneration control (regeneration can be performed at scheduled time or treated volume of water)

  • a tank to contain the regeneration sodium chloride solution

Normally there is a set of manual valves to consent to mix softened water with not softened water, so to have the desired hardness at the final delivery point.


The same system configuration can perform removal of nitrate, nitrite and other ionic compounds, this only depending on the ionic resins used to fill the vessel.

All our units are fully guarantee for alimentary grade use and certified according EU rules and laws.


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